Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly is the CEO and Co-founder of Clearion, a global software company providing inspection and maintenance management solutions for the utility and transportation industries. During his 25-year career, Chris has developed deep expertise at the intersection of field operations, geospatial technology, and sustainability initiatives. In addition to his role at Clearion, Chris serves on the board of the Olmsted Linear Park Alliance, The Ray Advisory Council, and coaches high school golf in his hometown of Atlanta, GA.

Clearion 2.1 Release

Esri and Clearion Connect Telecom

We have reached the end of my 3-part blog series. Previously, I discussed the benefits of using the Esri platform to improve the data collection process and the data management process for long-haul fiber in the telecom industry. In this blog, let’s discuss the future of the telecom industry in regards to the utilization of GIS platforms.