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The New Clearion 2.2

Level up your productivity with an improved user experience, better automation with GPS, and expanded support for asset management.

Trusted By Utilities & Infrastructure Companies Around The World

Everything works better with maps.

From executives to field crews and out to stakeholders in the community, Clearion radically transforms your vegetation & infrastructure management workflows in innovative, practical, and powerful ways—powered by Esri ArcGIS maps.

Visualize job sites using maps.

Contextualize work with basemaps derived from satellite imagery, streets, topographic or hybrid views.

Capture complex information with fewer clicks.

Sketch new tasks in maps with just a few clicks, and bulk update them later just as easily.

Measure precisely using maps.

Use GPS to precisely measure the length and area of the work being planned so inspectors and assessors can accurately estimate costs, and better assign jobs out to their crews.

Track and report progress on maps.

Record work status span by span, and create visual status reports to be shared with managers and clients alike.

Engage with your local community.

From ensuring compliance with local regulations to recycling waste byproducts, such as dropping off woodchips to non-profits in need, Clearion helps your company to be a better neighbor.

Built on the world’s leading geospatial platform.

Clearion’s solutions for vegetation and infrastructure management are built using the complete suite of ESRI apps, tools, and data.

Who It's For


WEC Energy Group

“They (the crew employees) had access to data that they’ve never had before and no longer needed the big stacks of map books. They saw that someone can update information in the system, and they would receive that information automatically within seconds. They were surprised how fast and easy data flowed within the software.”

Dan Siewert,
Regional Forester

PUC Services

“Thanks to Clearion, we’re able to access real-time visibility right into our daily fieldwork right on our phones. It’s really quite transformative to just point and click on maps and have everything you need right there.”

Robert Brewer,

“Clearion has helped our Vegetation Management Department stay operational with little interruption. We got Clearion just at the right time. Now that we have a paperless business process, I can easily work from home to dispatch crews through Clearion. The crews can receive the work, complete it then sync it back to me.”

Holley Goddard,

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