MBS Is Awesome: But You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Posted by Bill Mayberry

The Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta is the state of the art in terms of high tech sports entertainment.

Be it the 360-degree video board (aka Daktronics LED Integrated System) at the top of the stadium, or the ability to upload selfies to the video board…the Falcons have pulled out all the stops to create a great game day experience for fans.

And the concessions are cheap too, which certainly appeals to the authors of this blog!

Michelle, Bill, and Karen
Michelle, Bill, and Karen enjoying the Mercedes Benz Stadium (and Fox Bros. BBQ).

But as exciting as trips to MBS is today, to paraphrase a rock band from our youth, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!” (Backman-Turner Overdrive, circa 1974). Because over the next few years, as 5G technologies are deployed in sports venues, the experience will go to a whole new level.

Here are some examples of things coming down the road.

  • Imagine viewing the game from Matt Ryan’s perspective in real-time. With 5G technology, a miniature camera could be mounted on his helmet and give you the exact same view that he is experiencing (ANGRY rushers and all!).
  • Or if you’re heavy into statistics and fantasy football, you could receive real-time updates based on the game you are attending on your device. The service would be only available to those inside the stadium.
  • Or, what if you could receive in high-definition the exact replay views that the officials are witnessing?

These are but three examples of ways that 5G could be used to enhance the in-stadium experience. As fans experience to become familiar with these types of capabilities, we can expect more innovations. All based on the radio innovations, capacity and performance improvements, and low latency inherent in fully deployed 5G networks.


So, as this NFL season kicks off, we hope neither your team nor your venue disappoints this year. But if they do, remember there’s always next year (and the year after that) where the prospects are great for improvements in both!

You’ve now read our take on this topic—what are your thoughts on how 5G can enhance the sports viewing experience?

Bill Mayberry is a 40 year veteran of the telecom industry and a former Executive Director at AT&T Mobility. He is currently a Partner at the Wireless Insiders Network consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA. Most recently Bill has been focused on 5G and its many ramifications, which he often writes about in his industry blog. https://www.wirelessinsidersnetwork.com/blog.

Michelle Vignault, Marketing & Communications Manager at Clearion. She is a Clearion enthusiast and champion. And pleased that she can find Texas-style bbq in her new home of Atlanta. You can reach her directly at mvignault@clearion.com