Asset management

Clearion X Cleans Up Asset Management

We are excited to share the 2.2 release of the Clearion X app, which cleans up asset management, inspection, and maintenance in a single end-to-end tool.

Aerial Patrols

Integrating Aerial Patrols For Utility Field Operations

Aerial patrols are an integral part of a modern utility field operations program. Whether flying annual cycles for vegetation management, or inspecting critical assets during a storm response, the speed and accuracy of aerial patrols play a key role for many utilities. With the latest release, Clearion X can now rule the skies too.

Switch to the Triple Bottom Line

The Switch to the Triple Bottom Line

Clearion CEO Chris Kelly shares insight on the utility industry’s switch to the triple bottom line—people, process, and planet, including examples.

Georgia Power Case Study
Case Studies

Supporting Community and Sustainability with Location-Based Technology

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia Power serves 2.4 million electricity customers in the state of Georgia. Georgia Power conducts extensive vegetation management along its transmission and distribution lines. In 2020, the utility and Clearion codeveloped an automated workflow to connect vegetation management crews with community organizations that need mulch.

Sustainability Blog

3 Positive Outcomes: The New Stories of Utility Vegetation Management & Sustainability

The Utility Vegetation Management industry is shepherding in a new era of modernization that transforms their function in society from being a necessity to becoming a true benefactor to their local communities—while also cleverly helping the bottom line. In this post, we share how three programs are benefiting community farms, zoos, and the monarch butterfly.