SASHTO and Clearion = A Perfect Connection

Posted by Ray Dorsey

I am gearing up for my time at SASHTO in Savannah, GA in a few days and want to circle back to how Clearion’s technology solutions are helping top transportation companies and agencies save time, money and valuable resources.

For example, the Georgia DOT uses Clearion’s web-based workflow tracking and mapping technology to simplify the inspection, reporting and operations of its vegetation management program.

With Clearion’s technology, GDOT and its contractors can access detailed data on herbicide applications, including equipment used and personnel involved, plus quality control information, inspection data and invoice management.

If you are not yet familiar with Esri Story Maps, here’s an excellent one to check out!

See How GDOT Uses Clearion



  • Comprehensive: Build and manage multi-year plans and improve budgeting by collecting and analyzing field data.
  • Digital: Eliminate paper across all activities, including transportation managers, arborists, contractors, and crews.
  • Integrated: Leverage IT investments in GIS.
  • Much More!

To learn more about how Clearion can help you save time, money or resources, email me or you can call (828) 692-0609. I’ll be attending SASHTO this Sunday through Tuesday to meet in-person.