Esri and Clearion Connect Telecom

We have reached the end of my 3-part blog series. Previously, I discussed the benefits of using the Esri platform to improve the data collection process and the data management process for long-haul fiber in the telecom industry. In this blog, let’s discuss the future of the telecom industry in regard to the utilization of GIS platforms.

CAD platforms were historically the industry standard over the past decade, more and more consulting groups are moving towards utilizing GIS platforms to assist with field data collection, project design, and data maintenance. The benefits discussed in the two previous blogs give insight to why this change is being made by many companies.

While some companies utilize highly customized geodatabases and GIS solutions, others are opting-in for more simplified solutions that can be used without extensive configuration. In addition to the difference between highly customized configurations and out-of-the-box configurations, these solutions utilize multiple Esri applications for data collection and maintenance. Clearion’s telecom build was originally developed to run in ArcMap and Collector, however, some groups utilize configurations that were built to run in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro. Each of Esri’s applications offers advantages and disadvantages, but when two or more applications are used in conjunction, it results in a more effective solution.

Over the course of these blogs, we have discussed the many advantages of utilizing Esri solutions to aid with project design and data maintenance, as well as what the future potentially holds for GIS solutions in the telecom industry. Time will tell if GIS solutions will completely replace CAD as the industry standard or if they will remain side by side for project design.