We’re not new to this: Telecom Trends in 2020

With all of the talk about 5G being the hottest thing in 2020… At the core of the discussion, you will hear the terms Fiber backhaul and Small cell.

These are terms in the telecommunication sector that play the largest role in making 5G a success. In my time at Clearion, I have seen how our technology has transitioned over the years and how we work to remain at the forefront of where technology is moving towards. If you take a look at larger companies such as Nokia, Crown-Castle, and Ericsson, they are conducting the necessary R&D to their technology and hardware components. Major telecom companies are already producing 5G Coverage maps, so it’s safe to say that 5G is here, and we have reached the future.

At Clearion, we have that same vision. We want to invest in the now rather than be left behind. Clearion provides an out of the box telecom solution that can be easily configured to meet the needs of any vendor or contractor seeking to design, engineer, and capture assets of facilities. Clearion has worked with telecom companies to gather insight into the best practices within the industry. Our technology is built on the ESRI-based platform and we support ESRI tools and apps. One key example is using our Crew technology which is an application that allows contractors to QA/QC fieldwork in a timely fashion by approving the status of the work or reassign the work to be reviewed again. Clearion also has the ability to create digital timesheets. Clearion offers a full turnkey application that can be configured to any needs in the telecom industry.