Crew-Based Technology’s Adoption Goes Mainstream

Posted by Christopher Kelly

The world of vegetation management is complex, and no two utilities are the same. While some utilities continue to embrace well managed, cycle-based trimming, others are shifting to prescriptive trimming to increase reliability and cut costs.

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Clearion New Field Apps Announcement

Posted by Christopher Kelly

iPad Frame Tasks

Clearion is pleased to announce that its new mobile field-based applications are supported on all hardware platforms—iOS, Android, and Windows. The first application redesign on the Esri Runtime platform includes crew functionality.

Added features include seamless integration with Clearion Manager, contractor resource management, and much more! Click on the button below to read more and to request a demonstration.

Clearion works with leading utility, telecom, gas, and transportation companies across the globe to solve complex operational challenges—and provide highly innovative solutions to aid in the design, construction, and maintenance of utility assets and large-scale infrastructure.

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Meet Our Newest Crew App

Posted by Christopher Kelly

Clearion is excited to announce the release of a major upgrade to its widely-used field crew software. This new version of Clearion Crew improves user experience and speeds adoption with a redesigned user interface and intuitive productivity features.

The software provides support across all mobile platforms with a fast and easy app-store deployment for iOS, Android, and Windows.


The new user experience gives vegetation, maintenance, and construction crews the information they need to efficiently and accurately complete their work and quickly communicate status between the field and office. Crew leaders and supervisors can open individual work orders, easily resolve issues, and check off work orders as they are completed while noting exceptions. Crew provides bulk updates and auto-populating forms to help improve efficiency and data integrity from the field. With GPS-enabled maps and an interactive work list, Clearion Crew improves worker safety and efficiency while eliminating paper maps and work packets.

Clearion Crew is natively integrated with the Clearion suite of Work Management and Field Planning applications and is compatible with the latest enterprise technology from Esri—ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal). Clearion Crew supports both online and offline modes and integrates with enterprise security and mobile device management platforms.

Crew Devices 2020

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Esri and Clearion Connect Telecom

Posted by Daniel Gardner

We have reached the end of my 3-part blog series. Previously, I discussed the benefits of using the Esri platform to improve the data collection process and the data management process for long-haul fiber in the telecom industry. In this blog, let’s discuss the future of the telecom industry in regard to the utilization of GIS platforms.

CAD platforms were historically the industry standard over the past decade, more and more consulting groups are moving towards utilizing GIS platforms to assist with field data collection, project design, and data maintenance. The benefits discussed in the two previous blogs give insight to why this change is being made by many companies.

Crew Devices 2020

While some companies utilize highly customized geodatabases and GIS solutions, others are opting-in for more simplified solutions that can be used without extensive configuration. In addition to the difference between highly customized configurations and out-of-the-box configurations, these solutions utilize multiple Esri applications for data collection and maintenance. Clearion’s telecom build was originally developed to run in ArcMap and Collector, however, some groups utilize configurations that were built to run in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro. Each of Esri’s applications offers advantages and disadvantages, but when two or more applications are used in conjunction, it results in a more effective solution.

Over the course of these blogs, we have discussed the many advantages of utilizing Esri solutions to aid with project design and data maintenance, as well as what the future potentially holds for GIS solutions in the telecom industry. Time will tell if GIS solutions will completely replace CAD as the industry standard or if they will remain side by side for project design.


Field Tools Changing Database Upkeep and Maintenance in the Telecom Industry

Posted by Daniel Gardner

In my last blog, I wrote about the benefits of using Esri solutions for field design and data collection of fiber networks. Aside from the benefits discussed, the convenient access to large sets of fiber data is an additional key benefit not to be overlooked.

Before the adoption of Esri solutions and geodatabases, fiber data was archived and distributed on CDs and was also printed and stored as paper records. While digital and paper records of the fiber routes had all the information needed, it was trapped and not readily available at the click of a button. On longer routes, it took too long for the project manager to search for and find the data needed. Today, project managers can simply zoom to an area on a map to obtain the information needed.

Yellow Phone

Aside from the convenience of navigating in the map and finding the data needed, Clearion field tools enable users to design in the field and share content in near real-time. This modern architecture facilitates syncing between the applications ensuring all users are working with the latest back office, mobile, and field data. All project content is readily accessible to the consultants and the telecom providers through the applications and published web services.

From the online dashboard, other stakeholders such as Inspectors, Project Managers, or other 3rd parties have the ability to view the work progress by simply logging into a URL. Other non-spatial information can be shared in the dashboard so that users have one central repository for accessing project-related documents. Best management practices (BMPs), organization charts, workflow diagrams, and forms can be stored and updated regularly to ensure users remain up to date with the most current processes.

Crew Devices 2020

This further contributes to the efficiency mentioned in part one of this blog when I discussed how much time can be saved when digital data is shared in real-time among groups. As discussed in these blogs, Esri solutions and Clearion offer many benefits to the creation, retention, and sharing of data. In the third and final part of this blog series, we will discuss the out of the box solution which is used by engineering consultants to rapidly kick-start your next project.

Stay tuned for my final installment of this blog series.


We’re not new to this: Telecom Trends in 2020

Posted by Tyler Aldridge

With all of the talk about 5G being the hottest thing in 2020… At the core of the discussion, you will hear the terms Fiber backhaul and Small cell.

These are terms in the telecommunication sector that play the largest role in making 5G a success. In my time at Clearion, I have seen how our technology has transitioned over the years and how we work to remain at the forefront of where technology is moving towards. If you take a look at larger companies such as Nokia, Crown-Castle, and Ericsson, they are conducting the necessary R&D to their technology and hardware components. Major telecom companies are already producing 5G Coverage maps, so it’s safe to say that 5G is here, and we have reached the future.


At Clearion, we have that same vision. We want to invest in the now rather than be left behind. Clearion provides an out of the box telecom solution that can be easily configured to meet the needs of any vendor or contractor seeking to design, engineer, and capture assets of facilities. Clearion has worked with telecom companies to gather insight into the best practices within the industry. Our technology is built on the ESRI-based platform and we support ESRI tools and apps. One key example is using our Crew technology which is an application that allows contractors to QA/QC fieldwork in a timely fashion by approving the status of the work or reassign the work to be reviewed again. Clearion also has the ability to create digital timesheets. Clearion offers a full turnkey application that can be configured to any needs in the telecom industry.


See How a Golf Course & Clearion Teamed Up to Combat Weeds

Posted by Sam Appling

For those of us in the Vegetation Management business, well-manicured golf courses are a thing of beauty.

Not surprisingly, golf course superintendents have a challenging job managing undesirable vegetation. Increasingly, they are using Clearion’s technology to combat and control problem weeds while improving turfgrasses. Our recent story map shows how we worked with a Florida golf course to combat an invasive weed. If you are not yet familiar with Esri Story Maps, here’s an excellent one to check out!

Button View Golf Course

Golf Course

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How Five New Redbud Trees in My Front Yard Led to a Surprising Journey

Posted by Christopher Kelly

Three years ago I found a flyer in our mailbox offering free trees. Naturally, we said yes. A few weeks later, a team of enthusiastic volunteers planted five redbud trees on the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street in front of our home in Atlanta.

Every two weeks, someone returned to water these trees. Later, someone came to replace the mulch. Another time or two, someone returned to our home to do some pruning. This care continued for two years.

All of this was done by a wonderful and revered organization called Trees Atlanta. The level of effort and coordination behind our five new trees was impressive. The fact that they do this for the thousands of trees they plant every year is staggering. (Since its inception, the organization has planted 133,000 trees and counting.)

Redbud Tree

One of Clearion’s customers sits on the board of directors for Trees Atlanta. I got an introduction to the Trees Atlanta team and quickly learned about the operational and data management challenges that had emerged with their success. This type of large, complex maintenance operation is just the kind of thing we love to help solve. Trees Atlanta was looking for a software partner. Naturally, we said yes.

Today, Trees Atlanta runs much of its planting and maintenance operations in the Clearion vegetation work management software platform. I can look at our redbuds on a mapping app on my phone. I click one of the tree icons to see the details from the planting day (and to remember the Latin genus and species for the hundredth time). Then I zoom out to see the city covered in tree icons.

Trees Atlanta has been planting in the “City in the Forest” for over twenty years. Anyone flying into Atlanta sees that the name still rings true, but we’re losing century-old trees at a rapid pace, accelerated by drought, disease, and development. Trees Atlanta is making a huge difference in the city by beautifying neighborhoods and parks and preserving our canopy for the next 100 years.

Clearion is proud to support this worthy mission with our software and our time. As a company that started with the goal to help utility companies trim and remove trees, we’re excited to see the expansion of our technology into organizations that, on the surface, seem so different.

Trees Atlanta

And that takes me back to the surprising part: it’s especially fascinating to see that the operational challenges of these seemingly different organizations are actually quite similar. And even more wonderfully surprising is how an organization with such a different mission (planting trees versus clearing utility rights-of-way) can complement each other to deliver better outcomes for their respective organizations, and for the communities they serve.

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