Clearion X Cleans Up Asset Management

My first project at Clearion started with a lot of paper. Piles and piles of paper forms, with each business unit having their own set of processes. As more and more utilities transition through digital transformation, the piles of paper have gotten smaller, but the clutter has not. 

Now, instead of seven different paper inspection forms, we now see more folks with too many apps. One for transmission structures on an iPad, another for landowner consent for tree removals via a web portal, or one that’s really only an editable PDF.

Any which way you do asset management today, chances are it’s messy.

Yet, aligning all field operations workflows on one digital platform offers lots to gain. It reduces IT (or paper!) overhead, simplifies end user onboarding, and promotes cross-department collaboration. 

This is why we are excited to share the 2.2 release of the Clearion X app, which cleans up asset management, inspection, and maintenance in a single end-to-end tool.

Integrate Your Assets Geospatially

Geospatial data should be the foundation of any digital asset management program. Tabular asset data works behind the desk, but when it comes to field work—accurate geospatial asset data is a must.

Whether you have one pole inventory or a full-fledged utility network model, your data can find a home in Clearion. Clearion does not alter or affect your data in any way, but rather sits on top of existing data investments.

Put Your Assets In The Cloud

Furthermore, Clearion uses cloud-based technology to really flex the full potential of your organization’s asset data. Users in the field can always access a “live” look at the assets they are working on—gone are the days of taking static data cuts annually.

With a distributed team of users on Clearion, you can ensure that multiple departments and far-flung users in the field are all working off of one system of record and the latest and greatest asset data available.

Assets in the Cloud

Turning Inspections Into Maintenance

It’s easy to think of the piles of apps and forms as horizontally distributed, but they can also be piled deep vertically as well.

If you’re working in asset management, you probably are familiar with this drill. Inspections are done in one app, which then needs to be exported to a spreadsheet, which is then loaded into another app for maintenance crews, who then pass off their handwritten notes to the auditor, and so on.

This is messy. To clean up this workflow, it is imperative to keep a clean, linear stream of data, with clear accountability over each step in the process—and keep it all in one app.

Setting the New Standard for Asset Management Workflows

Clearion’s end-to-end asset management workflows do just that.

It starts by creating a shared foundation of your asset data. All shapes and sizes of inspection forms can be loaded into the map and dropped on their respective asset types as patrols are conducted. Inspections can even be automatically generated and dispatched to an assessment in Clearion Web. No matter how they are created, an ironclad link to a specific asset is forged, allowing the history of inspections of each asset to be easily pulled up to inform current work. Inspectors can then create follow up work tasks, and readily dispatch them out to maintenance crews.

All users of Clearion X are on the same fundamental technology platform, but individual access to information can be controlled.

At the end of the day, the most common configuration we see targets crew efficiency and accountability, letting the software easily fit into their normal day to day, while providing a detailed audit trail. The combined breadth and flexibility of Clearion asset management solutions allows work to be tracked from cradle to grave, while adding the necessary steps needed for your specific asset lifecycles and regulatory needs.

The Future is Bright For Asset Management

At Clearion, we’ve seen how apps can pile up and stymie the efficiency of field operations. We’ve worked with the largest utility and transportation companies in the world for 15 years to get this right for vegetation management.

Now we are extending those workflows to fully embrace asset management. We would be delighted to help you transform your asset management program. If you are interested in more information or a demo of Clearion’s new asset management capabilities, please contact us using the form below!



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