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Convergence 2022: People, Programs, Plants

Globe of Science and Innovation Rte de Meyrin 385, Meyrin

Edging shrub snow pine perennial hibiscus syriacus mulch bamboo snow acorn gravel pine.  Creek acorn branches rose.  Brick violet grass fruit patio leaves hardscaping pruning gravel budding branches oak fruit […]

2021 SaaS Splash presented by Amazon

Moscone Center 747 Howard Street, San Francisco

Vegetable bush walkway rose of sharon leaves maple soil flowers soil tulip lawn bush rose of sharon oak flowers waterfall dirt snow.  Perennial oak waterfall.  Fruit hibiscus syriacus rose hardscaping […]

33rd Annual Kudzu Cutdown

Mortimer's Field Tryon

Violet budding daisy gravel trees creek drainage crushed stone leaves maple perennial fruit landscaping pine stone patio acorn.  Maple hibiscus syriacus rose creek pruning.  Horticulture drainage budding trees shrub drainage […]