Clearion X 3.0

Clearion X 3.0

Powering up location intelligence and data quality for field personnel 


Trigger actions like push notifications or data automations based on users’ real-time location. Warn users of nearby safety hazards, notify them when leaving prescribed work areas, or stop GPS tracking when they start to head home

Required Fields

Take control of data quality by enforcing specific fields to be filled out. Level up smart forms with more complex data validation, like requiring date ranges, valid email addresses, or custom logic

Routing and Navigation

Build a multi-stop route based on the assigned task list, user dropped points, or an address search to optimize the day’s work plan. Navigate with turn-by-turn directions to safely and efficiently move to the next work location

Sorting Work Lists

Give users hotkeys to optimize work lists based on what matters most, whether it’s open tasks, urgent priority items, or similar work types

Award Winning - Esri Partner

Clearion is solely focused on building exceptional geospatial infrastructure management solutions on Esri ArcGIS. 

As the Esri technology continues to evolve at a staggering pace, we leverage it, innovate around it, and bring it to you in a nice, clean, easy-to-use package

ESRI Partner Network Gold
ESRI Partner Network Gold

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