Electronic Billing through Clearion

Posted by Christopher Kelly


Growing Money


As we continue our series, “RAQs: Randomly Asked Questions,” the following question was posed during our recent webinar.

Question: Can electronic billing be tied back into SAP on the utility side?

Yes. Clearion is founded on open systems, data interoperability and integration.

Clearion’s architecture permits data exchange with essentially any modern IT system. Financial systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and enterprise asset management systems (like Maximo and SAP) all have well established data exchange capabilities. Most utilities have APIs and other existing data exchange methods that work seamlessly with Clearion.

Clearion always begins by understanding how and what you’re doing today versus what you need to achieve moving forward. For example, if you do not currently have the capability to create invoices in SAP, you may need a system like Clearion to create highly specialized invoices tied to contract methodologies that are unique to vegetation management.

With Clearion, if needed, you can manage the entire contract management process, including invoicing in your vegetation management solution, and pushing the right data to SAP. Furthermore, you can use Clearion to house the details and simply send invoice summary information to your financial system for process payment and enterprise-wide accountability.

We can enable whatever process and methodology works best for you.