5 Reasons to Go Digital in Your Next Budget Cycle

Posted by Rick Hamilton


Go Digital

Clearion has worked with multiple utilities over the years to help them move their field operations from paper-based systems into the digital age. With each implementation we learn and build on the experience to grow the out-of-the-box toolset that is available to all of our customers.

I hosted a webinar last month to talk about our newest solutions for vegetation management, asset inspections, maintenance management, and emergency response. It was exciting to summarize the power of our solutions in a 25-minute presentation and to hear the positive feedback. Here are 5 highlights from the webinar that explain why adding Clearion’s digital solutions is a good plan.

1. Consolidate. You can manage all of your field operations programs in a single system.

2. Streamline. Smart field software integrates with your asset GIS data to streamline inspection and work planning.

3. Integrate. When all of your work management tools work together it improves the overall effectiveness of your field operations.

4. Organize. Using dashboards and web maps gives everyone in your organization the information they need.

5. Protect. Cloud-based server hosting can improve cyber security and speed up deployment.

During the webinar, we included ROI data from a large utility in Michigan. By going digital, they estimate a 20-30% productivity improvement in the Planning Stage alone. Timing is key. If you are searching for smart solutions in upcoming budget cycles, now is the time. Explore our integrated tools for managers, inspectors, auditors, and crews with apps for tablet, phone, and web. I would enjoy speaking with you about your specific needs.