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Clearion Crew is a streamlined, tablet-based application that is designed for simple, fast access to the short list of tasks that each crew needs to accomplish.

Clearion Crew allows crews and contractors to:

  • Receive map-based work assignments
  • Navigate to the precise location with GPS
  • Open individual work orders
  • Quickly resolve issues
  • Check off work orders as they are completed
  • Note exceptions

Clearion Crew also facilitates the paperless recording of timesheets and job-related consumables for invoice and payroll automation, enabling daily work progress and time reporting.

Field compliance has never been so easy.

The Crew application has the ability to display and work with a wide variety of GIS data, but removes some of the traditional complexity involved with working with multiple data types, allowing field users to realize new efficiencies in managing and completing their workloads.

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