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Clearion connects field work to your community & environment in powerful & practical ways to make work and the world a better place.

A letter from our CEO

Clearion is committed to making communities more connected.

Pushing information organized through maps to the front lines of maintenance operations drives efficiency and improves safety. That’s the bread and butter of what we do. But that same process creates the potential to build a more connected community where citizens, organizations and governments can work together, sharing work and information using the power of maps to create incredible outcomes.

Clearion donates 10% of its engineering efforts to help build these kinds of connections for community organizations. And, we offer these services for free with use of our products.

We believe that when you do good work, there is always room to do good too.

We hope you will join us on our journey to help make a better tomorrow for each of our communities.

Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly

Using maps to make better neighbors

Clearion helps organizations connect field work to community resources and regulations so you can be a better neighbor.



Clearion donated a customized solution for the Zoo Atlanta that helps feed their herbivores by matching their needs with the availability of clustered donations across Atlanta residents and road crews maintaining vegetation on our streets and utilities.



Clearion helps GA Power optimize their work routes and be a better neighbor by disposing of waste locally, optimizing routes by finding registered non-profits and other worthy community organizations who will benefit from the donation of woodchips



Clearion is an active member of the Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group focused on helping energy and transportation organizations to build conservation efforts into better business practices, like supporting native integration with the Monarch CCAA project, a private-public partnership that secures landmark operational protections for companies that voluntarily participate in monarch conservation activities before they are listed as endangered or threatened.  

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Clearion is proud to be recognized for our leadership in creating integrated and sustainable solutions that benefit our world.

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