Building a Safety Culture…One PPE at a Time

Posted by Michelle Vignault

Clearion PPE Kits

For our clients, safety, with good reason, is a top priority when working onsite, whether its crews mowing on highway rights-of-way, trimming trees along a railroad track, or maneuvering in bucket trucks to trim trees. Likewise, the safety of each and everyone on the job is paramount to Clearion, and why we are providing our staff in the field with Personal Protective Equipment, aka PPE.

Our clients in the utility, transportation, and telecom markets are hyper-focused on safety. As a technology company building software solutions for complex workflows, it took us a minute to understand why PPE is a priority for our staff.

Clearion travels to site visits to cross-train users in the field. Since we are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff, we are aggressively working to build a culture of safety in our organization. We took a big step this spring, outfitting our staff with a hard hat, ear plugs, eye protection, safety vest, and work shirt to be easily visible to others.

So now you meet Clearion staff in the field, you can expect to see us outfitted in Clearion-branded safety gear. Like you, we want to send our staff home safely to their families each evening. We hope you’ll join us in becoming a more safety-focused business—no matter your role within our industry.

If you have other tips, best practices or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

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