Do, Do, Do Believe the Hype

Posted by Susan Rasavongseuk


Data Processing


We’re excited about the Clearion data processing engine (DPE) and now, nine months after introducing it, what’s the latest? Has the tool lived up to the hype? Yes, it has!

As many already know, we’re deploying our DPE for all new clients and replacing custom reports with DPE configurations for existing clients who want to eliminate custom code and secondary installers.

So, what’s buzz? At a high-level, following are some of the key features generating the most excitement.


1. The Clearion Reporting Engine

Customers are loving the complex calculations that can now be done with ease—along with the ability to pull data from external data sources, run summary statistics on any report generated and summarize data from multiple tables. No programming required. Access your data quickly.

Think of the possibilities. What have you always wanted to ask of your data but couldn’t figure out how?


2. Dashboards

Users now fully appreciate having immediate access to the health and condition of their systems.  It’s simple to get a status update, at their fingertips, of all planning, work execution and auditing functions—by work territory. Users can examine work batches based on work tasks and review the % of work complete across a wide variety of different attributes (e.g., spans, unit counts).

In today’s world of immediacy where we can track our steps, sleep and heart rate, why wouldn’t we want to track our work progress, too?


3. Executive Summary Reports

If you’re halfway through your vegetation management year, completed over half of your spans yet spent under 50% of your your budget, that’s good, right? Not necessarily. What if you’ve trimmed all of the easy spans and the remaining have dense vegetation or need specialized crews and equipment? With the Clearion DPE, users now have an easy comparison tool to review of actuals vs. estimates against their specific data, budgets, and timeframes. No budget overruns due to a lack of visibility. No need to ask for incremental funds the following year to cover incomplete work.

Imagine a world with no (bad) surprises. Sounds great, right?

If you’re not familiar with all of the benefits of the Clearion data processing engine, give us a call. We’re more than happy to demo it for you and answer your specific questions.