Gone are the days of managing by spreadsheet.

Do you remember how difficult it was to assign work when you were using multiple spreadsheets? If your answer is “yes, because I’m still doing that,” give a sigh of relief and call us today. Chances are that you’ve made updates to the wrong sheet, or spent way more time than necessary trying to manage your work. And, we know that you know this, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Clearion Work Manager is a world-class supervisory application that enables you to view and control all work tasks across your organization. With Clearion Work Manager, you can have an effortless organization, streamlined work management, and heightened data security plus:

  • Tools for cycle-based maintenance programs and multi-phase projects
  • Administrative tools to manage vendors, personnel, work orders, inspection and patrol schedules, and more
  • The ability to aggregate all recurring and ad-hoc work tasks into groups and/or manage activities on an individual level
  • Timesheet management and approval at your fingertips

Welcome to greater visibility.

Imagine having a comprehensive view of all the work that is happening on your system at once.

  • Sync with other internal data sources to see all of your data in one place
  • Utilize Clearion advanced reporting and analytics tools to gain high-value insights with ease
  • Get a real-time view of your contractors via a clean, visual dashboard/scorecard
  • Track contractor and crew performance and work progress automatically
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with accurate reporting
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Zoom in and out from precise work instructions to annual planning.

Clearion Work Manager helps you manage immediate tasks and strategize for the future. Not only can you give precise work instructions, make assignments, set schedules and give directives, but you can also build budgets and establish annual plans, including yearly patrol schedules, to dispatch aerial or ground patrols.

From your desktop, you can schedule patrols with assignments, due dates, and other special instructions. As your field inspectors/planners build detailed, spatial-work plans, you can see patrol status and detailed work tasks all from your desktop in near real-time. From there, you can build and assign discrete work packets to your field crews and monitor work completion as tasks are completed.

From your desktop, you can view the planning details, audits and results. You can then use the exact data to budget and plan for the future with greater accuracy.

With greater connectivity and engagement, everyone benefits.

At Clearion, we encourage you to look not only at what our technologies can do for you, but how they all work together to benefit your entire organization. Beyond seamless integration between field and office, we ask you to consider how all of the pieces fit into your process and how all functional areas all connected. When you work with us, we can help you to remove silos and communicate throughout the organization in a simpler way. We work with you and your counterparts to engage in discovering a better solution for all.

We encourage your IT and GIS folks to look under the hood.

Clearion can connect to any Esri ArcGIS™ or other data source — integrating financial, environmental, customer and other information into your workflow. You don’t have to change your GIS backend at all. We can help you to integrate and mobilize data from the systems you have in place today.

Our modules are designed from the ground up to automate different processes for specific functional areas. They’re also “purpose built” and focus on the unique job responsibilities of each user. The terminology and processes are flexible—and configurable for your specific environment.

Most importantly to your IT and GIS teams, our modules have all been built on the same foundation. They work as well individually as they do together. You can implement the entire product suite, or bring in only the software modules you need. They simply plug in and work natively off the same platform. We have the full complement of modules for your end-to-end, connected work processes. Easy, right? Give us a call, please!

Clearion would love to work with you.

Contact us today to learn how you can radically transform your work environments in innovative, practical, powerful ways.

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“The partnership with Clearion allowed us to move from a paper-based vegetation management system to one that leverages an innovative GIS technology to prioritize, plan, manage, track, and audit our utility line clearance operations—and, on behalf of our members, ensure we are being truly effective with our vegetation management budget.”

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