Vegetation Management Solutions:
Create, share, plan, schedule, track, audit, and report.

With the Clearion Vegetation Management (VM) solution, you can create detailed work plans, issue paper or electronic work orders, track post-work inspections, and rework, calculate estimated and actual costs, and manage schedules and budgets.

Clearion automates the planning, tracking and reporting of:

  • Cyclical, reactive, and conditioned based vegetation control activities along electric distribution lines
  • Vegetation patrol and maintenance activities along regulated transmission corridors

A complete solution for reliability and compliance.

Clearion VM is designed to manage Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) programs. Our industry leading system is used throughout North America and beyond to improve the effectiveness of transmission and distribution of line clearing programs, while meeting the compliance, performance, and reporting requirements of NERC FAC003 and other regulations that affect your operations.

Automate simple and complex maintenance cycles.

Clearion VM supports a variety of contract methods including: multi-year, cycle-based work and detailed, and unit-based contracts.

Identify a recurring work item? You can automate the scheduling of the work item based on maintenance cycle rules. Or it can automatically inherit the cycle rules of adjacent or related work. If it’s not subject to the same cycle requirements, you can specify a special cycle rule.

Clearion offers the flexibility to accurately plan and maintain areas that may include varying cycle rules and individual “cycle busters.” It’s that easy.

Trim, Task, Cycle, Automation

Enhance the speed and accuracy of work planning and management.

Our software empowers supervisors, planners, crews, and auditors with mapping and work management tools that improve accuracy and efficiency. Through an integrated system that streamlines information exchange among managers, arborists, and contractors — we’ll deliver visibility and control in all areas of right-of-way maintenance, so you can:

  • Estimate work scope and cost
  • Direct crews (what and where)
  • Communicate access and restrictions
  • Notify customers, capture notes, and track permissions
  • Manage danger trees and removals
  • Receive regular updates from the field
  • Automate audit processes (QC & QA)

Increase the detail and spatial accuracy of reporting.

  • Document who, what, where, and when
  • Track internal work progress
  • Summarize work completion by job and type
  • Calculate work quantities and costs
  • Track herbicide application locations with optional integration to Aqumix® online database
  • Maintain historical records for external regulatory compliance

Your GIS is our GIS.

Clearion VM is a suite of modules that is built to work with the Esri ArcGIS platform. Because Clearion VM is powered by ArcGIS, it allows for seamless integration with any enterprise GIS or other IT system.

Every type of GIS data can be synchronized with Clearion VM, allowing vegetation management users to leverage all available data, and GIS users to benefit from up-to-date vegetation and environmental data.

Clearion VM users can synchronize GIS data on a laptop, tablet, or handheld device and take it to the field, providing the field with a comprehensive view of all pertinent enterprise data.

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“When we invested in VM software, we had no idea how much it would help during the reimbursement verification process at the government level, but it’s been extremely beneficial.”

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