Solutions for a Sustainable Future

When something is sustainable, it can continue easily without adding or depleting resources. Achieving that balance for your business–and for the environment–requires long-term planning, maintenance, and diligent follow-up.

If your goal is a swath of wildflower habitat on your right-of-way lands, for example, you may pull a weed and plant a seed. But what happens over time? Clearion has solutions for a sustainable future.

Turn Your Rights-of-Way Into Pollinator Habitat

Converting miles of roadsides and other lands into beautiful and beneficial habitat is a win for your business, your customers, and for the environment. Clearion tools help map, report, and communicate your efforts to improve sustainability in the right-of-way.

When you tackle the work of managing invasive plants, however, there is the risk of damaging the native habitat that supports important wildlife species. Clearion can partner with your organization to help identify optimal and economical ways to manage the weeds while promoting beneficial native plants, such as milkweed. Together, we can help pollinators thrive.

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Bees, Butterflies, and Your Business. 

Conservation organizations are interested in finding out if right-of-way lands qualify as habitat for pollinators, including protected, threatened, and endangered species. Managing the lands in sustainable ways to protect butterflies, honey bees, and other pollinators is in everyone’s interest. Clearion tools can help your business become part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.

Learn more about how Clearion can help you to achieve ROWSC Accreditation and further your Right-of-Way Stewardship.

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM)

Clearion facilitates collaboration between managers, field personnel, data analysts, company executives, and other private or public stakeholders for an integrated and sustainable solution. The result is a greater understanding of where pollinator or endangered species habitat is located in your ROW lands; how many acres of sustainable ROW you manage and where it can be increased; and how you can be more efficient with maintenance procedures. You’ll be able to show progress over time and report decreasing trends in herbicide use and cost per acre.

  • Implement industry best practices
  • Simplify legal compliance reporting
  • Improve customer engagement and outreach
  • Promote transparency and communication


Transform Your Business in Sustainable Ways

Clearion has the tools you need to document endangered species, artifacts, historic sites, apiaries, and organic farms. Keep tabs on parcel easement data. Track and report fieldwork results.

Paper —> Digital

Manual —> Mobile

Accordion Maps —> Story Maps

Weeds and Invasives —> Pollinator Habitat

Transformation of butterfly

Environmental Stewardship

Courtesy of the Utility Arborist Association (UAA). Take a journey through compatible, biodiverse, pollinator rich, stable, plant communities across the nation in our first Environmental Stewardship showcase video.  Hear updates on the UAA Task Force – Managing Thriving Ecosystems on ROWs including their findings toward the goal of identifying key knowledge gaps, practices, tools, and techniques to assist the utility industry in providing and prescribing the best possible approaches for managing thriving herbaceous ecosystems on utility ROWs.

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