A better way to plan, manage, and report on your environmental sustainability efforts.

Are you seeking accreditation from the Right-of-Way Stewardship Council (ROWSC)? Clearion can ease your burden and help you meet the ROW-accreditation criteria more readily. The design of our comprehensive software modules is based on the standards established by the ROWSC.

Utilities seeking this rigorous ROWSC accreditation may utilize Clearion to:

  • Standardize an Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) plan — including a clearance phase followed by foliar herbicide application—for ROW sustainability
  • Track progress against the IVM plan (e.g., herbicide application, total acreage)
  • Document water bodies (e.g., rivers, streams, wetlands), endangered species, and cultural resources including artifacts and historic sites
  • Store and access parcel and easement data including easement images and other photos
  • Utilize GIS tools to visualize the sustainable vegetation inside and outside the wire zone
  • Demonstrate the downward trend of active ingredients used in herbicide application over time thereby minimizing environmental hazards
  • Validate the extended cycle times achieved each year with advanced planning and maintenance — and the resulting annualized cost savings
  • Ultimately achieve five (5) year IVM cycles with low-volume herbicide application, reduced maintenance costs, and a sustainable IVM program

Create real world, health, safety, and environmental benefits.

As you invest more in sustainability initiatives, you gain significance well beyond positive public relations. Results are a win: win for everyone — from the utilities to the general public. You can focus on fostering the sustainability of native vegetation and herbaceous plants, enhanced wildlife, and pollinator habitats. We’ll focus on your reporting.

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