Clearion is an enterprise solution that offers comprehensive tools for a wide range of users across many industries.

CEOs and C-suite Executives

Big picture: meeting stakeholder needs.

From the ability to demonstrate a wise investment of shareholder dollars to the positive public relations that come from responsible management of resources (e.g., reducing outages, minimizing herbicide use, saving endangered species), the benefits of Clearion are clear. Not only do we provide high-level dashboards that enable you to stay on top of your organization’s operations, we also provide the tracking and reporting that you need to document regulatory compliance, environmental stewardship, and more.

Asset and Vegetation Managers

Awareness and control to make better decisions.

Move away from using spreadsheets to run your department. Your time and energy is too valuable to spend dealing with missing and inaccurate information. And your reputation is too important to produce poor results. It’s time to put away your risky habits and outdated business practices. Invest today to save money long term and support better decision making through an end-to-end solution with advanced reporting and data analysis. And choose a solution that is flexible—so you can make changes to your practices over time without starting over.

Man holding tablet

Chief Information Officers

Connect information across your systems—securely and with ease.

With Clearion, you can effectively support your business needs without incremental resources and management nightmares. Clearion supports many of the common integration platforms—and your unique workflows—without the need to write custom code. You can invest in a flexible, end-to-end solution that serves more than one department and connects information among varied systems. And because Clearion is an independent, open solution, you are never tied to purchasing expensive LiDAR data just to get software. Win: Win.

Fiber Optic Cables

IT Managers

The flexibility and control that you need.

Do you want to manage your entire system in-house? Maintain your current providers? Reduce vendors? Add additional capabilities? Ensure you’re not held captive by an outdated solution?

Whatever your needs, Clearion offers you the flexibility and control you require. Our commercial, off-the-shelf solutions are fully scalable and allow you to support your business needs without runaway costs, project fails, or schedule delays. Gone are the days of holding different elements of your system together with duct tape or being held hostage to your current configuration.

Server Room

GIS Managers

Support your business needs more effectively.

While powered by ArcGIS, Clearion solutions allow for seamless integration and interoperability with all major GIS platforms.

Our solutions create openness and engagement so you can preserve your core systems. Every type of GIS data can be synchronized with Clearion, so users can leverage all available GIS data, and GIS users always benefit from up-to-date information.

Clearion users can synchronize GIS data on a laptop, tablet, or handheld device and take it to the field, providing employees with a comprehensive view of all pertinent enterprise data.

GIS Managers

Purchasing Managers

A wise investment that pays dividends over time.

It’s difficult to compare apples to oranges when it comes to a software investment. With Clearion, you can invest in an end-to-end solution, or just the modules that you need, at a fraction of the cost of a large-scale customer software project. Our commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions are configured to meet your unique needs without custom development. So not only do we save you money during the front-end design and implementation, we cost significantly less to manage and maintain over time. We’re perfect for you.

Public Relations Managers

Positive PR for your efforts around storm response, herbicide spraying, tree trimming, and endangered species.

As anyone in public relations knows, there’s a fine line between positive and negative PR—and diligence is required every day to ensure you’re on the right side of the press. Handling the media can be made easier when you have accurate data, captured in Clearion, right at your fingertips. Share your company’s proactive approach to environmental stewardship or reliability and avoid PR nightmares altogether when your counterparts make the right decisions on the front-end — thanks to Clearion. We’re all in this together!

Compliance and Regulatory Officers

A trusted source for critical information.

With Clearion, not only can you maintain accurate historical records for external regulatory compliance, you’ll gain the flexibility to quickly support unique and changing regulatory and reporting requirements with ease. All of your data can be handled in a single system and reported on at the drop of a hat.

Customer Service

Capture the right data. Communicate effectively with customers.

Leverage accurate data, at your fingertips, to guide your internal and external communications with authority. Satisfy stakeholders by gathering and/or sharing information at a moment’s notice on herbicide spraying, storm-related outages, customer consent, and more. Resolve issues quickly. Convey information effectively. Take customer requests from office-bound call center systems and automatically push them to the right people in the field. In return, automatically receive status updates and results from the field to the call center for unparalleled customer communication and service.


Over-delivering to meet your customers’ needs can be a competitive differentiator.

If you’re a forward-thinking contractor who understands the usefulness of data for decision making and compliance, Clearion is for you. Share daily production reports for budgetary, project tracking and billing purposes. Provide the necessary data for compliance reporting. Make doing business with you better than ever (and easier than your competition).

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Director of Emergency Preparedness

Effective storm response. Positive public relations.

With Clearion, you can prioritize storm crew efforts, integrate easily to leverage your existing OMS and GIS systems, deliver locations to field inspectors on GPS-enabled maps, push data to emergency crews via their devices, calculate time to restoration, track progress, resolve storm-related invoices quickly and effortlessly, provide accurate documentation for fast disaster relief reimbursement, and more. And you can invest in a blue sky solution that switches to storm mode only when needed.

Winter Storm

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