Are you looking for a viewer you can use in the field?

No problem, everybody offers that. We do, too. We’d be crazy not to.

But Clearion also offers a flexible, field-data collection tool that enables you to build your own asset maps. Our software is extendable – you can tailor it to meet your needs through a small, custom layer on top of our software.

With Clearion, it’s easy to change your data collection to match your asset maps. You don’t have to work with a software vendor and you don’t have to incur any long-term costs. So, if you’re still talking about viewing data versus collecting data, it may be time to change the conversation.

Or are you looking for greater accuracy? Process efficiencies? Better ways to collect data?

For customers who are building and managing GIS data in the field, Clearion offers integration with high-accuracy GPS devices. We can edit any Esri GIS format natively, and also work with non-Esri data through industry standard integration tools.


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