Create, share, track, plan, schedule, and audit your maintenance.

Clearion provides Inspection and Maintenance Management solutions for Infrastructure and Distributed Asset Systems.

With integrated supervisory and mobile applications, Clearion:

  • Offers a central location for all current and historical inspection and repair activity data
  • Automates the planning, scheduling and tracking of complex, cycle-based inspections
  • Provides flexible workflow management functions to meet a wide range of operational and regulatory requirements

Increase the detail, speed and accuracy of inspection data.

Finding rotten wood during your pole inspections? Fraying on a conductor? Discovering an overload of communications attachments that could require engineered pole replacements? Uncovering stray voltage during underground inspections of vaults, transformers, or cabinets?

From annual safety patrols and detailed asset inspections to simple observations, comprehensive safety, reliability and compliance details can be captured in a robust inspection and maintenance management system and tagged with precise, GPS-based location tags.

With real-time data capture and storage, corrective action or preventative maintenance can be scheduled for immediate or future attention.

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Configure your inspection forms quickly and easily.

Because Clearion tools are built on a business rules engine, we can create automated forms according to your specific work processes and business requirements.

Maintain historical records for regulators.

Many entities — from the NRECA to state governments and public utilities — have detailed inspection requirements. As such, there are significant costs associated with both inspections and treatment. Robust data capture enables you to demonstrate compliance whenever required to:

  • Document who, what, where, and when
  • Summarize work completion by job and type
  • Calculate work quantities and cost
  • Capture the condition and health of your assets
  • Feed the data into your engineering database
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Two birds, one stone.

Already using our asset inspection tool? Why not manage your GIS corrections with our asset-mapping tool while you’re there? One tool offers many benefits.

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Flex between planning for long cycles and managing short cycles.

By leveraging Clearion Work Manager, you can manage immediate tasks as well as strategize for the future. Not only can you give precise work instructions, make assignments, set schedules, and give directives, you can also build budgets and establish an annual plan.

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Engage all stakeholders with an integrated system.

Our inspection and maintenance management system has the bells and whistles that you need — but it’s made stronger when coupled with other Clearion tools. By storing comprehensive data in one system, inspection results can be passed to field crews to act on findings. And with the Clearion map-based capabilities, inspection patrols, or maintenance crews can be optimized across geographic locations.

Importantly, system integration across the Clearion product suite allows you to rationalize vendors and reduce complexity. Your purchasing and IT teams will thank you.

But we don’t have Clearion Vegetation Management . . .

It’s okay, our tool is still easily configurable to meet your needs. It’s a simple Task Management layer in our Work Manager solution. But you should really invest in Clearion Vegetation Management. Trust us. You’ll thank us later.

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