Effective storm response requires fast and accurate damage assessment.

In today’s high-tech world, electric utilities have invested in outage management systems, smart meters, and call centers for customers to report outages. With everyday conditions, it’s fairly easy to determine problem areas and estimate outage duration when you know all of the customers affected.

After a major storm, a new reality in the field sets in. When there’s a large-scale event, you need facts from the field. Otherwise, your IT investments meant to streamline operations may be crippled. It’s difficult to prioritize storm restoration work efficiently and effectively if you don’t know where the extensive damage is. You need to make quick decisions about what gets fixed first.

Prioritize your storm crew efforts.

Clearion Damage Assessment is a mobile, map-based software that helps utilities:

  • Pinpoint outage locations
  • Report needed repairs
  • Prioritize storm  crew  efforts
  • Automate the dispatch process
  • Better estimate time to restoration
Ice on trees

Deliver locations to field inspectors on GPS-enabled, electronic circuit maps.

The mobile module directs field personnel to predicted device locations with the use of intelligent digital assets and road maps. Using the circuit model, field personnel can report device status in near real-time to update your OMS database.



Integrate easily to leverage your existing OMS and GIS systems.

The Clearion solution integrates with your Outage Management System and Geographic Information System to streamline the prioritization and dispatch of field teams to outage locations and automate the processing of data collected in the field.

iPhone Navigator Mobile

Push data to emergency workers/contractors via their devices.

Mutual aid crews no longer have to convene with hundreds of other trucks in a mall parking lot while waiting to receive directions. They simply download the free Esri app to their smartphone with no need to access your system. You and Clearion do the rest. Headaches gone.

With your subscription to the Esri tool, your utility administrator assigns user names and passwords and your storm coordinator assigns locations to crews. When complete, the crews mark the job “complete” within the app. The data integrates directly into Clearion and is updated to your utility dashboard.

Storm damage on a roadway

Calculate estimated time to restoration.

The mobile module also enables the management of inspection status and allows a detailed, electronic collection of all tree and structural damage. The system then aggregates all damage assessment findings into a central database for internal reporting, and for calculating an estimated time to restoration.

Resolve storm crew invoices quickly and effortlessly.

When your field crews and contractors are connected and providing real-time data, you gain a comprehensive, transparent view into productivity for improved accounting and cash flow management. You also gain the ability to process supplier payments in a timely fashion without a massive, post-storm reconciliation nightmare—and with reduced exposure to fraud and losses. What’s more, you can easily provide accurate documentation for disaster relief reimbursement.

Save money and invest in a work-planning system that switches to storm mode.

From blue sky to storm, right when you need it. When you deploy a blue-sky work planning and management system that has the ability to double as a patrol and work-dispatch system during storms, there’s no need to worry about training during an emergency response or about obsolescence. Your data and technology remain state-of-the-art and your users remain well versed.

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“When we switch to storm mode in service to our utility customers, the Clearion system switches to storm mode with us at the click of a button. This brings huge benefits to our storm operations in terms of safety, efficiency and documentation for billing and disaster reimbursement.”

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