Electronic asset mapping in the field.

Are you still mapping assets off a paper-based system using card files? Or using an office-bound database with pole numbers? It’s time for an easy upgrade.

Deploy the Clearion Mobile GIS platform as an enterprise asset mapping, management and data maintenance solution. Clearion facilitates the maintenance and updating of GIS data in the field to reflect changes resulting from construction and other operational activities.

With Clearion Mobile, you can create and modify:

  • Asset data using high accuracy GPS in a tablet PC environment
  • Spatial and attribute data in your native geodatabase format without the need for data conversion — Clearion is data model independent
  • GIS data in a network-disconnected environment and synchronize changes to the GIS server

Because Clearion Mobile is a full-featured geodatabase editor, it’s ideally suited for organizations running a multi-user ArcGIS™ Server (SDE).

Welcome to greater visibility.

With all Clearion solutions, you have access to our advanced reporting and analytics tools to gain high-value insights with ease, so you get a real-time view of your field assets on a clean, visual dashboard/scorecard.

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There’s a tremendous business case to have good asset data.

Once upon a time, a Clearion customer was spending tens of millions of dollars — and ten years going county to county across 20+ states — fixing their maps because their poles were in the wrong place. The good news: we gave them the tools to do it from their home office. They drew the proposed assets in Clearion and now, while in the field, users can mark the exact GPS location of the poles.

Improved spatial accuracy. Updated asset maps. Precise. Invaluable.


Clearion offers an all-in-one solution.

An all-in-one, map-based solution gives you the flexibility that you need to switch between modules with ease. And system integration across the Clearion product suite allows you to rationalize vendors and reduce complexity. Yes, one tool doing a lot of different things. Your purchasing and IT teams will thank you.

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