Clearion was built for integration. Yours.

This bears repeating: Clearion was built on the Esri ArcGIS™ platform. Esri has documented, flexible, powerful APIs at the server level that can solve any integration challenge you may have. As such, Clearion customers and third parties can build integration to Clearion’s software through Esri’s published APIs.

We can do it for you. It’s easier than ever.

With Clearion’s new data processing engine, we now have the ability to support many of the common integration platforms—and your unique workflows—without writing code. And we work with integration partners like GeoNexus that have commercial off-the-shelf (COTs), and configurable integration to systems like IBM® Maximo®. In short, we can manage the details and make it work almost effortlessly.


So let’s exchange data.

The point of integration with Clearion is to leverage input among varied systems where data originates and is commonly managed. Where all functional areas are natively integrated on a common platform.

Why do all of this with Clearion? Administratively, it’s easy: vendor management, contract management, application rationalization, IT management, and training (not to mention the economies of scale among systems and servers).

Clearion integration can be used to pull:

  • Available personnel and equipment from your ERP system to build crew in the field
  • Customer call tickets from your call center software system to follow-up on trim requests or complaints
  • Tree-related power outage information from your outage management system to dispatch a post-outage investigation
  • Automated internal or external requests relevant to any specific department

Clearion may also be the source, or system of record, that sends data to other systems. When your crew closes a work order, we can send the information to your enterprise work management system with ease.

Clearion would love to work with you.

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