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Building from our flagship vegetation management solutions for utilities, Clearion has expanded its presence across other utility and infrastructure industries—including telecom, gas, and transportation—by becoming a robust yet adaptable solution for complex design, construction, and maintenance work processes.

We view each business engagement from many perspectives — especially yours.

Clearion uses a multi-dimensional business model. Together with Esri, Clearion’s technology helps solve complex infrastructure maintenance and construction workflows. From supervision to design, planning to crew, Clearion delivers across multiple user platforms including web, desktop, tablets, and other handheld devices.

You choose the solution that is right for you. We implement, deploy, and adapt to your future needs.

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Smart utilities and forward-thinking contractor crews use Clearion to manage their businesses — from vegetation management to mobile damage assessment. Clearion allows you to plan more effectively, capture and track work completed, know where every dollar is spent, and store information digitally, for real-time reporting, billing, and future planning initiatives.

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When it comes to federal, state, provincial, and municipal vegetation management and sustainability efforts, Clearion improves your ability to plan, track, and manage assets.  We can help you capture where resources are being used, standardize the work process, and guarantee compliance. Dashboard views clarify how to allocate taxpayer dollars while high-level reports provide real-time access to monitor public safety. The result is an integrated transportation solution that provides stakeholders with the data they need.

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Smart companies use Clearion’s new and better approach to transportation vegetation control. Clearion enables you to use GPS-based mapping products to track where every drop is sprayed (where less is better) and optimize the mix of herbicides to minimize exposure.

The right chemical in the right amount for the right environment.

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Clearion GPS-enabled in-field design and integrated office-based project management tools benefit your telecommunications infrastructure and asset system projects through complete life cycles. Supervise projects through Clearion Work Manager view and enable field personnel to create detailed construction plans with the Clearion Mobile view. You can generate permits, bid packages, budgets, reports, and more.

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Oil and Gas

Clearion provides tools for high-precision mobile views allowing you to:

  • Build and maintain GIS mapping data
  • Enhance accuracy and efficiency through all phases of infrastructure development
  • Transform feasibility, permitting, design, and construction into the digital age
  • Automate pipeline inspection and maintenance programs
  • Improve safety, compliance, and environmental stewardship
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