The New Clearion 2.2

Level up your productivity with an improved user experience, better automation with GPS, and expanded support for asset management.

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Everyone wants to work smarter, not harder. The new Clearion X levels up productivity with a fresh look, more GPS automation and deeper intelligence.


End-to-End Update and Optimization for Mobile Platforms

Bigger buttons, simpler smart forms, new colors, and streamlined lists modernize our user interface making it more intuitive and simpler to use.

compliance & quality

GPS Support for Tracking

Tracking work can now be done with one touch. Once enabled, Clearion automatically captures rich, secure data about minute-by-minute locations of your patrollers, inspectors, and crews, and matches GPS trails with the operational data—helping compliance and operations managers to prove that every mile is being covered, and to see where workers need to go next.


Essential Support for Aerial Patrols

Helicopters are an integral part of modern utility aerial patrols. With the release of Clearion X  2.2, our software is now essential to any aerial inspection workflow. Smoother GPS performance, bigger buttons, and new functionality aimed at work in the air are pushing the software skyward.

asset management

Advanced Support for Asset Inspection & Maintenance (AIM)

Clearion X advances support for complex workflows for asset managers. Starting with asset records pulled directly from your organization’s GIS, Clearion X can now add related inspection records to them, and create associated maintenance tasks off of those inspections. With multiple layers of interconnected data wrapped in a slick UI, asset managers can quickly see all historical inspections and work records, all from the palm of their hand. 


Using Clearion Aerial Surveys for Damage Assessment and Restoration Operations

Increasing storms and heat waves stressing their infrastructure drove one of North America’s largest utilities to redesign their field workforce management to be more real-time through automation and intelligence drawn from aerial patrols.

 The new Clearion X based system enabled them to document and prioritize storm damage locations and dispatch the work to repair crews in real-time from the aircraft.  

Rapid damage assessment and real-time work progress dashboards allowed the utility to provide precise status reports to regulatory agencies and to the press. The software also reduced the cost of restoration by routing crews to priority work locations through a completely digital workflow.

case study

Large Utility

The result was operationally transformational, improving efficiency and organizational transparency.

Reduced repair and restoration time

Unprecedented situational awareness

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Clearion is solely focused on building exceptional geospatial infrastructure management solutions on Esri ArcGIS. As the Esri technology continues to evolve at a staggering pace, we leverage it, innovate around it, and bring it to you in a nice, clean, easy-to-use package.

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