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If there was only one BL manga that an enthusiast could buy, make it this one. The Songbird Doesn't Fly Twittering Birds Never Fly Złamane skrzydła (Polish) Певчая птица крыльями не машет (Russian) ... (in English) Yes English Publisher ... She could have told his story in one volume, I would have been completely satisfied.

12,23 € 38,86 € It's just pointlessly dragging out. 8,94 € 9,83 € Fujoshis …     10,70 € 11,77 € 11,59 €   It has been serialized in Taiyo Tosho ihr HertZ since March 2008..

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Commercial support is available at nginx.com. 8,93 € 11,62 € Then I stumbled by chance on 'Twittering Birds Never Fly' and got intrigued by the summary and the title.

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