For those of you who use Snapchat on a daily basis, you know Snapchat is known for the new changes on the app it brings almost every other day.And, this time it is the What is My Eyes Only which is being discussed like anything lately. These Snaps can be moved from Memories to 'My Eyes Only' and a person can only access these pictures after entering a passcode. However, you might want to take your time to know how it set it up first. All you have to do is move snaps and stories that you no longer want others to see from memories to My Eyes Only.You have to open memoried by swiping up from the camera screen. These snaps are the most private ones that you would not want others to see.So, that is the whole point of My Eyes Only. Snapchat is known for providing one of the best privacy protection from sharing selfies and videos to saving them on Snapchat cloud storage called memories. If you are wondering how does it work or how to get My Eyes Only on Snapchat, use the given method below.My Eyes Only is for special Snaps that a user wants to keep extra private. My Eyes Only can only be opened by using the passcode. Now, these are not normal snaps that we are talking about.

These snaps are the most private ones that you would not want others to see. The password for 'My Eyes Only' is different from the password used for signing in for Snapchat.However, to view 'My Eyes Only', swipe up from the camera screen to open Memories, then swipe left to the 'My Eyes Only' tab and enter your passcode. You can see people tweeting and making memes about how the private snaps might go public any other day.However, you guys can rest assured that this feature is pretty safe. So, you will have to learn how to set it up for the first time before you use this feature on Snapchat. This means that the social media app allows users to keep their selfies and videos hidden with a password protected section in the app.This exciting feature not only saves your important pictures but it also hides them from getting seen by others while looking into your Snapchat Memories section.

Likewise, no problems have come up so far and even if it does, the Snapchat team is there to help you out with that. And, these private snaps are kept in the memories without having anyone else see them because of the encryption. 1 all-in-one SnapChat Online Hacker Tool that hacks victims password, images/videos and chatlogs within the range of days for up to 60 days chatlog recovery mechanism. Sushant's family says 'ED nailed criminal gang'; note alleges Rhea & Samuel Miranda's roleSushant’s friend claims Rhea said she suspects ‘foul play’, pushes suicide theory laterCoronavirus LIVE Updates: India's tally crosses 33-lakh; Punjab imposes nightly lockdownRepublic Bharat shatters viewership records to beat AajTak; Republic TV No 1 for 172 weeks That means your secret memories are pretty safe on this new Snapchat feature.— Developers of Digital Consciousness™ (@MyDigitalSafety) No matter how much of a Snapchat user you claim to be, you will have to find help when the new features arrive. Many people are still confused about how to get 'My Eyes Only' feature on Snapchat or how to hides images on Snapchat.

Browse 2 752 pictures and 474 gifs from r/snapchat_nudes on Reddit. But, first, let’s get down to what this new Snapchat feature really does.My Eyes Only on Snapchat allows users to have a folder protected by a password to keep snaps.

Yash Tripathi So, what is really this recently-added feature on Snapchat and why can’t people stop talking about it? Tap the My Eyes Only tab at the top of the screen to access your protected, private snaps. Steps By Steps Guide To Use It Launch Snapchat from your Home screen. A Snapchat new feature which is known as "My Eyes Only" helps a user to keep their selfies and videos ultra-private. So, what are you waiting for? How to set up 'My Eyes Only' on Snapchat? For the uninitiated, Snapchat’s ‘My Eyes Only’ feature lets you select a few pictures, as many as you like, and send them to a separate tab. We would like to introduce the no. After which you have to swipe left to get to My Eyes Only tab. What is My Eyes Only on Snapchat? So, that is the whole point of My Eyes Only. Scrolller is an endless random gallery gathered from the most popular subreddits. My Eyes Only on Snapchat allows users to have a folder protected by a password to keep snaps. How to access My Eyes Only in Memories for iPhone or iPad.

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