When Cleatus admits his allergy, his father forgives him, and reveals that he had the same allergies when he was "The Chicken" in high school. - Pete must decide if and when he's ready to break out of his shell.By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments Cleatis (Mitchel Musso, Oliver in Hannah Montana) can't quit being the mascot even though he's allergic to the suit, so he convinces his best friend Pete (Jason Dolley, Minutemen), to secretly fill in. Full Actor Full Cast Wikipedia plot Full (Actor and Plot) Full (Actor, Cast and Wikipedia plot) Hatching Pete (2009) When Cleatus can't play the school mascot, Pete has to secretly do the job.

The crowd is initially silent, because no one recognizes him, until Cleatus yells, "That's Pete Ivey!" Creators; Director: Stuart Gillard ; Writer: Paul W. Cooper .

During the game, a player is about to run into the cheerleaders. Later, the town shows up Pete gets away by stealing the Sheriff's car, which was being used in the parade.

Catch Mitchel Musso and Tiffany Thornton in Let It Go, their rockin' music video from Hatching Pete.

Although Pete is kind of shy in real life, he's outrageously funny behind the beak.

He gets to the door and is knocked over, and initially wants to go home. Uncomfortable with the sweating, congestion, and swelling joints that he gets whenever he dons the suit, he pleads for Pete to wear the chicken mascot suit instead.

Do not wash eggs.

Cleatis (Mitchel Musso, Oliver in Hannah Montana) can't quit being the mascot even though he's allergic to the suit, so he convinces his best friend Pete (Jason Dolley, Minutemen), to secretly fill in.

5.4 /10. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Cleatus (Mitchel Musso) can’t quit being the mascot even though he’ allergic to the suit, so he convinces his best friend Pete (Jason Dolley) to secretly fill in. They are both chosen for the parade float committee. Cleatus explains that Pete can continue if he wants to, but that they can leave it alone as a joke that they confess at a future date instead. Even so, the project is ambitious logistically, so the two start trusting each other as Pete starts to find ways to make it work and build the actual props.
As part of the bargain, Cleatus tells Pete he will get his sister on a date with him, and he agrees. She got dumped in a text message. Hatching Pete is a 2009 Disney Channel Original Movie which first aired on April 24, 2009 on Disney Channel UK and later Disney Channel and Family.

Afterwards, Cleatus and Pete discuss the future of "The Chicken." Filmteam … The true identity of Brewster High’s mascot, the chicken, is the big mystery in Hatching Pete. Egg Hatching Chart It takes 21 days to hatch a chicken egg.

In a close call, the team forces "The Chicken" to unmask on the bus, revealing a sneezing Cleatus underneath. It is the first Disney Channel Original Movie to air in the UK first. Super-spoiled rich girls Taylor and Courtney Callum have a lot to learn when their dad insists they take summer jobs at the family's dairy while he goes on a long-overdue vacation. Cleatus gets to keep the family tradition going and get the social perks, whereas Pete really enjoys being "The Chicken" and is surprised to discover his own sense of accomplishment and newfound confidence.

In the audience, Pete's parents are shocked and proud that it is their son, and Cleatus' father compliments them on how good Pete is in the role.

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Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. The team finishes with a last second score to win the game, and when the cheerleaders tumble in their celebration, Angela falls on Pete, joking that she had mentioned she was "falling" for a guy in a chicken suit. Rejected, Pete goes home.

He then kisses her, and the Brewster Roosters celebrate their only win of the year. Shortly after, Angela sees him walking and offers him a ride. With the team facing an undefeated team (and having never won a game during the season), they are close to having their first victory in years. Although Pete is kind of shy in real life, he’s outrageously funny behind the beak. Candle each egg before placing in the incubator to make sure they are fertile.

Hatching Pete (2009) Movie. Posters Images . However, when she confesses that she is not sure about how finding out who is inside the suit will affect these feelings, Pete decides to keep the mystery alive by retiring.


The true identity of Brewster High's mascot, the Chicken, is the big mystery in Hatching Pete, a full-length movie featuring some of your favorite Disney Channel stars.

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