Minor 3rd: The 3rd note of the scale is Bb. Tonic: The 1st note of the G harmonic minor scale is G. Major 2nd: The 2nd note of the scale is A. Their difference from the major scale is shown. This might take a bit of practice to find quickly since our starting note in this position isn't the root of the scale. Since the natural minor key isitself on the Circle of 5ths - A minor on circle of 5ths, this means that this is a commonly used harmonic minor scale key. Dan Cross is a professional guitarist and former private instructor who has experience teaching and playing various styles of music. Minor keys always use the natural minor scale for their key signature even when the harmonic minor scale is used. The different 7th will have an accidental (sharp or natural) applied to it whenever the 7th of the harmonic minor comes up.In the following example the key signature is for D minor (1 flat), but the phrase uses the harmonic minor scale which contains C♯.

Others might label it as a sound they hear in music by bands like The Doors, which is much closer to the truth. Stay in this position for the remainder of the scale. That everything you play, you've played before. StudyBass is a registered trademark of Leading Tone Media, LLCTo use the interactive features of StudyBass, please enable javascript. As we've discussed, the V chord of the harmonic minor scale is a major triad or dominant 7th chord. Be careful when you use these notes extensively - feel free to use them, but be aware that they will provide your solos with more tension than the other notes in the scale (especially when you hang on them!)

We could then start playing the scale on the 12th fret of the 6th string. This second diagram illustrates the harmonic minor scale, with the root on the fifth (or third) string. C-flat harmonic minor scale . Best of luck!

A lot of harmony revolves around the major scale.

But, if you were playing a more scalar, melodic bass part, fill or solo, you might apply the harmonic minor scale over the major V chord in a minor key.In the following clip I play a little fill applying the harmonic minor scale. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. You'll want to start this scale with your 2nd finger. (Don't forget the accidental persists through the end of the bar.) If you have a friend that plays guitar... even better! The harmonic minor scale is another variation of the natural minor scale. The An interesting property of the harmonic minor scale is that it contains two chords that are each Because they are generated by just one interval, the While it evolved primarily as a basis for chords, the harmonic minor with its augmented second is sometimes used melodically.

The other two are the Natural Minor and the Melodic Minor. The most common use for the harmonic minor scale is over the V dominant 7th chord (referred to as V7) in a minor key. Playing a harmonic minor scale over the V7 chord outlines a V7(b9,b13) chord.

The triad and extended (four voice) chord sequence derived from the harmonic minor scale are as follows. One of the best ways to "break out of a slump", with regards to soloing, is to introduce yourself to a new sounding scale. The C harmonic minor scale contains the same note pitches, is easier to work with, and is a direct replacement. The raised 7th of the harmonic minor scale is what creates the major triad or dominant 7th built on the 5th note of the key.For example, in an A natural minor scale (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) the 7th is G. The v chord is Em (E-G-B). Learning the fingering to the basic harmonic minor shape might be tricky at first if you're used to the simpler shape of the blues scale.

Do not get stuck here.

Instances can be found in The harmonic minor is also occasionally referred to as the In popular music, examples of songs in harmonic minor include The distinctive sound of the harmonic minor scale comes from the The ascending and descending forms of the A melodic minor scale are shown below:

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