This guide will cover the most popular emulator for running Gamecube games: Dolphin (Computer), and Dolphin (Android). Today, I share you a short tutorial on how you can import saves (more specifically, Game Cube saves into the popular Dolphin emulator). If you currently have a TP Save on your memory card this will erase your progress! Then open the "GC" folder

Browse to the.gci file you just downloaded, and click OK.

Browse to the memory card file, normally they are stored in C/Users/ {username}/Documents/Dolphin/GC.

Scroll down to your emulator of choice. This tutorial will show you how and where to access your save files while using a Gamecube emulator. Open the "dolphin-emu" folder. Browse to your Memory Card file (usually Documents > Dolphin Emulator > GC > MemoryCardA.USA) and delete any existing Melee save file. 7. It is recommended to create a copy of your Memory Card file before doing this, so that you can switch between a normal save file and 20XXTE as necessary. Close the manager, and dolphin. Inside your "Documents" folder, look for a folder named "Dolphin Emulator"3.

Navigate to the "dolphin-emu" folder on your Android device (normally located on the device memory not the SD-Card) I noticed this when I tried to import a save for Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door.Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Well this is actually possible. Ever wish you could just look at what other players have done in the game and just…enjoy all the post game stuff? Either plug your Android device into your computer or open a file browser on your Android device

Dolphin is a free emulator for both Game Cube and Wii.For this tutorial, I will assume that you already have Dolphin installed and have configured all settings to your taste, and you already have a game you wish to import a save to. If you have your memory card set to "Memory Card" in Dolphin the "GC" folder will contain a file called "MemoryCardA.USA.raw" This file contains all of your Gamecube saves for the USA region. If your desired game is from a different region then pick the memory card file with the right region code. Then, use the "Import GCI" button to import 20XXTE. Once you load the memory card, click on the import GCI button. 3. Click Import GCI, and browse until you find the save you got. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Note that this will overwrite existing save data on the file you select (can be 1, 2 or 3). This guide assumes that you have already set up and played one of these emulators at least once. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If your desired game is from a different region then pick the memory card file with the right region code.
Go back to the memory card manager, load up the memory card again, delete the save, start the game again and get to the main menu/save file selection screen, go back to the memory card manager and load up the memory card once again, delete the save (if it’s there), and import the save again. This guide is meant to show where to find or inject your save files.2. Open the "Dolphin Emulator" folder.

It's easy!This is not a setup guide. 6. If you have your memory card set to "Memory Card" in Dolphin the "GC" folder will contain a file called "MemoryCardA.USA.raw" This file contains all of your Gamecube saves for the USA region. If not, go ahead and grab a copy of Dolphin, install and configure it, and go grab a game.Note: Sometimes if the memory card is totally empty before you imported a save, the game might not recognize the save right away. Hack your save using this website and download it. The file you want should be called something like “MemoryCardA.USA.raw”. 2. Then open the folder named "GC" A place where you can find updates on whatever is happening in my life.Ever felt too lazy to attempt a game playthrough on your own after seeing how difficult a game is from walkthrough videos? 1. You need to be a member in order to leave a commentSign up for a new account in our community.

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