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SASHTO and Clearion = A Perfect Connection

Posted by Ray Dorsey I am gearing up for my time at SASHTO in Savannah, GA in a few days and want to circle back to how Clearion’s technology solutions are helping top transportation companies and agencies save time, money and valuable resources. For example, the Georgia DOT uses Clearion’s web-based workflow tracking and mapping […]

GDOT Veteran Insight to the Use of Clearion Technology

Posted by Ray Dorsey During my 20 years serving as the GDOT state agronomist, I was responsible for the Department’s Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management (IRVM) Program. This included development, strategy, implementation, and review of roadside maintenance operations such as mowing and herbicide applications in controlling undesirable vegetation while improving permanent warm-season grasses. A key component […]

Benefits of End-to-End Technology

Posted by Ray Dorsey   Clearion’s end-to-end technology solutions are helping top transportation, utility, telecom companies, and agencies save time, money or valuable resources. As a veteran of the transportation industry, I understand the industry’s unique challenges and needs.   Through our story map, I’d like to share how Clearion is helping transportation companies and agencies–including Georgia […]

Looking Down the Road. Keep Vegetation In Check to Improve Driving Sight Distance (and Safety)

Posted by Ray Dorsey     Recently, a friend of mine was taking his wife to the airport. They were running behind due to traffic on the Interstate. Upon taking the airport exit they pulled up to the stop sign at the top of the ramp. As they tried to enter the roadway it was […]