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Dealing with Invasive Plants: It’s All in the Planning and Execution

Posted by Madelyn Mateo Are weeds choking your productivity? Are you worried about sight-line visibility, fire hazards, or maintenance costs? What about the damage those invasive species are doing to your roadside, right-of-way ecosystem? Invasive species have significant consequences for successful vegetation management and just letting them run amuck is not a sustainable option. Invasive […]

Do You Have the Right Tree in the Right Place in your ROW?

Posted by Madelyn Mateo     There is something so satisfying about being in the right place at the right time. It is an effortless path to success. Things just work out perfectly. You can’t always take credit for that kind of serendipity, but it sure does feel good. When you actually plan to be […]

Looking Down the Road. Keep Vegetation In Check to Improve Driving Sight Distance (and Safety)

Posted by Ray Dorsey     Recently, a friend of mine was taking his wife to the airport. They were running behind due to traffic on the Interstate. Upon taking the airport exit they pulled up to the stop sign at the top of the ramp. As they tried to enter the roadway it was […]

Getting Out from Under the Weeds

Posted by Madelyn Mateo   Clearion, Scientists, and Vegetation Managers Join Forces to Help Pollinators Thrive.     Purple loosestrife, reed canary grass, and kudzu are just a few of the invasive plant species that wreak havoc on the utilities and roadways that occupy right-of-way lands. The weeds are so troublesome that subject matter experts […]

ROW Owners Allow the Bees to Tell Their Stories

Posted by Madelyn Mateo     There are so many utilities and other right-of-way owners out there that are providing a commendable contribution to the environment and conservation, but the sustainability focus always seems to be on the “bigger” concerns, such as emissions or larger animals that people can relate to like a sweet manatee […]

Will Butterflies Get the Best of Us? Not if Clearion Can Help It!

Posted by Madelyn Mateo     Anyone working in the rights-of-way vegetation management business has likely heard about the possibility that the Monarch butterfly will be listed as an endangered butterfly species. The impact of this on how rights of way lands will be used and managed would be significant.   To put this in […]

ROW Stewardship and Digital Solutions

Posted by Christopher Rodgers     I had the pleasure of speaking at a workshop during last month’s New York Utility Arborist Association annual meeting to discuss ROW Stewardship and Digital Solutions. The focus of the presentation was to demonstrate how Clearion can help organizations implement and manage the best practices that have been developed by two […]

So maybe we won’t always have Paris

Posted by Christopher Kelly     The transition of power between our previous and current presidential administration was, in that great national tradition, peaceful. Yet, major differences in policy are roiling many parts of our economy and regulatory environment. Much has changed already, and certainly, more will change at the federal level that will cascade […]