Solving complex operational challenges. Yours.

Clearion works with leading utility and infrastructure companies across the globe to solve complex operational challenges. We deliver solutions for managing multi-year maintenance programs, large-scale damage assessment incidents, and infrastructure design and construction projects.

We are leaders in mobile technology for designers, planners, arborists, inspectors, auditors, and construction and maintenance crews. We also provide an integrated supervisory module for managing patrols, inspections, work tasks, and multi-phase projects. Clearion solutions are built on Esri ArcGIS, and leverage the latest methods and capabilities of this professional geospatial technology platform.

Getting to know you.

Clearion understands that our clients’ successes depend on more than great technology. So in addition to our passion for building innovative commercial software, we place equal importance on attaining a deep knowledge of the industries we support. Our clients’ businesses are complex — impacted by changing economics, regulations, and environmental and customer trends — and one size rarely fits all.

Garden Seeding

95% commercial off-the-shelf: 5% configured for you.

Our approach is highly consultative, enabled by powerfully flexible commercial software products. We believe the recipe for success is to implement proven commercial off-the-shelf software, configured to each organization’s unique requirements by specialists with a deep expertise in the functions of utility and infrastructure operations. This strategy delivers the benefits of industry best practices while conforming to the operational and regulatory realities specific to each client.