Streamline your business from the field.

Clearion Mobile is a full-featured GIS field application for inspectors, planners, and auditors featuring an easy-to-use interface optimized for today’s mobile devices. It’s the perfect mapping tool for planning work in the field, establishing workflows, documenting permits and consent, conducting asset inspections, and auditing completions to ensure operational standards are met.

Make your entire business more efficient and automated.

Leverage robust, rules-based, field-data collection capabilities that are tailored to your unique processes. This map-centric, mobile data-collection solution supports a wide range of spatial and tabular data, as well as high-resolution imagery and LiDAR-derived information.

Benefit from heightened communication, collaboration and connectivity.

With Clearion Mobile, field records and other mobile data can be seamlessly integrated into applications serving other parts of your business. These include the Patrol/Inspection and Work Group functions in Work Manager, as well as applications running on different technologies, like field service management and mobile workforce management. We make it easy.

No Internet? No problem.

Full offline editing by remote field personnel is supported by Clearion Mobile with automated synchronization to the central database and out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Windows’ role-based user authentication. The Clearion solution incorporates asset and land base data from a corporate GIS as intelligent background layers within our system.